Thursday, April 17, 2008

My back seat is full of surprises

I love the memories we build from the back seat of my van.

I can look through that rear view mirror and see the faces of
all my children and their childhood flashes before my face.

Gosh I LOVE being a mom.

(almost as much as I love being a wife.)


Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...


Brandi said...

Super sweet! I love the sepia coloring of the video too!

Love you,

Amber G. said...

Oh, I loved the video! It reminded me of a home movie from the 60's or something... just brought a wonderful feeling of childhood memories!

I, too, LOVE being a mom! I can't think of a more rewarding and beautiful "job" in the world.

Thanks for the comment -- I have missed chatting with you as well. I am so glad that things are going good with you. You were all on my mind and in my prayers during the difficult season of losing the baby.

I am also glad to hear that Joseph is doing well. Praise God.

We did hear back from the doc about the MRIs last week. I am finishing up a post about it... should be done soon. They found a fair amount, so it's a long post. :)

Love you!!

Scott said...

I kinda like the backseat of your van too : )

missy said...

Love the video...way cute; however Scott's commment sounds a little risque :o)

Anonymous said...

The little video is great!

I agree! And Amber is correct; motherhood (and being a helpmeet) is so rewarding and worth every second!

Love in Christ,


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