Saturday, April 26, 2008

Civil war ball

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The kids were invited to a civil war ball last night..It was so much fun for them and me.I loved getting the kids ready for this special event..
There was a nice breeze in the night air as the twinkling lights lit up the darkness.
The music was festive and alive from the civil war times and with all the hoop skirts and civil war memorabilia I was temporarily taken back to a different time..The level of dancing you had or didn't have in our case didn't matter in the least. Everyone taught
each other and any laughing done was in the spirit of love...
I loved this evening spent with my daughter and her friends..

Tuck was not able to go because of a sinus infection but I made him dress up
anyway so I could get some pictures of him..


Letisha said...

wow, they all look so beautiful in those outfits! Was this with a homeschool group? what a great memory!

rcsnickers said...

oops. that was me.... Letisha (Joshua's mom!)

Brandi said...

Beautiful. . as always!

Can't wait to see you soon!!!!!

Love ya,

Julie Redman said...

this was lovely! what a neat thing to do.


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