Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Study to be quiet

 " And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business, and to work with your hands, as
we commanded you" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

She came home and we were sitting and talking about married life and living away.
  She said, "the hardest part mom is the quiet. My thoughts are everywhere.
 I can't even sit to read a book because it's too quiet".
Her ears still ringing from the household of many.


As part of my job of teaching and preparing my children for life after
their few years with us I never really thought to teach them to be quiet.....
until I saw that verse and heard her words.
Is it really something that must be studied and taught? how hard can the quiet be?

It's loud here and with 8 kids and 4 dogs on this farm, the noise is a constant
in our ear. We get used to it and we work around it. My brain not really shutting down
until night time and then I have to have a noise machine to sleep by.
 More noise to be able to sleep.  

I run interferes as I hear the noise getting louder or if I hear harsh tones to the noise.
but I never stopped to think what is all this clamoring? 

Our farm holds a beautiful pond and every year the frogs start singing
about this time and their singing is loud, you can't carry on a conversation outside, you can't
hear yourself think. Sort of like our home. The loud voices drowning out the still small voice of
a Father who wants my children to study and learn to be quiet so that the noise of this life
won't keep them away from Him.

Being in a big family does not mean we don't have to learn this.
It's just harder.
So I started implementing a time of quiet to my daily teaching.

A time to be still
A time to hear yourself think
A time to journal
A time to imagine
A time to deal with your feelings  
A time to dream
A time to be yourself and not compete in the big family race
of who can say more and who can say it faster.
Who can be the loudest and who can draw the most attention

I must admit this has been hard for me
My thoughts never letting me truly just meditate on the Lord.
My to-do list running through my mind. 
I guess that's why the verse says "study to be quiet".
I literally have to step out on the farm and walk the path that no one is on
and I still find myself talking to myself or to God.
I long for quiet; stillness.
The place where my brain is able to shut off so I can hear His voice.
In the midst of raising lots of children I have lost my ability to shut my mind and thoughts
down. It come in handy as I've multi-tasked my days but now it's harder to learn.
I wish someone would have told me to teach my 
children the art of quietness and the beauty it holds.
Now I'm having to break habits and that's always harder.  

Being alone with yourself and your thoughts and your Savior is a gift
that we give up everyday for lots of words that literally add up to nothing.
The quietness and the mediating heart that thinks of it's savior
will change your children and yourself.

Study and shut your house down for at least an hour a day.
No talking, no phones, no texting, no music, no books.
Just you looking to God to show you the art of being still in His presence.    

Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.

  love from the farm,


Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

I made a new friend who was still trying to get her brain around the fact that I am mother to 7 do a double take the other day when I said how important quiet time is for me. "How does THAT work?" she asked with eyes bulging. I laughed and told her that I get up early--early enough to have 10 minutes or an hour of true quiet. It is then that I study God's word, pray, write, and think in the stillness.

I wish you joy in the same.

Tera said...

You're back! I have missed your posts. I found your blog about a year ago and have loved your beautiful words of encouragement! I know you have a full house and plenty to do, but I wanted you to know that I appreciate the time you put into Celebrating Motherhood!

Karen Sue said...

I think that running through life has come to be way too acceptable. It's that slow down time I'm craving, because the running leaves your head spinning. I like your hour of quiet. I used to clean a couple of houses once a week during summer and the children had camp type of activities in the morning and afternoon, but the lunchtime, they came home and ate together and then often would read, lay down and rest or maybe I would take them for a quiet walk or we'd just sit on the dock. Not quite as quiet as quiet, but more so than life right now for most people. I may just have to implement this quiet time. Even 15 minutes or 1/2 hour to start with. It could be a building amount of time. But worth every effort.
Thanks for the inspiration and the peace...


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