Tuesday, March 27, 2012

they itched her....

Her name is Rosie and well, she has been a part of our family for almost 4 years. She has traveled the many vacations with us and  been sick with us.She goes to church with us and to the grocery store on a lot of occasions. She has more clothes than I do and she gets to sleep with Channie-Mae.  This little doll named Rosie is just the sort of memories I like to store up.
I can hear Channie whispering to her in the other room and so I tip-toe to see what the secrets are between these two friends. Rosie is telling Channie in that familiar "Rosie" voice that her panty hose itch and Channie says "ok, well you don't have to wear them." I walk over and say, "Channie, where are Rosie's panty hose?" and she says "Mom they itched her and I took them off."
I want the memories of playing mommy to hold a special place in her heart when she is older. I want her dolls to have names and be passed down from generation to generation. I want her finger prints to be forever etched into that doll she loves so dearly. I want her to remember the beauty of her childhood and pass down that beauty to her own children. I want to remember Channie Mae being 5 years old forever....but more than that I want her to remember being 5 years old and playing pretend and having a sweet fondness of her childhood.

Channie, I could never say enough about how much I love you and how proud of you I am and how I love being your mom.God blessed me the day you were born and I don't deserve you!


Mrs. Stam said...

what a beautiful post, and lovely heart your precious daughter has :-)

Renata said...

Hi friend :)
It is just wonderful when they play so nicely with their babies. Ellie has a special one she calls 'Bubba' & she is played with & loved on much. I still have one of my dolls I had 'Jemima' and now she is Ellie's. Although she isn't Ellie's favourite, she will forever have a place in the toy room ( although I had to save her about 3 times from my Mum's throw out bag :)
Have a wonderful day & enjoy your precious girl!


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