Monday, March 4, 2013

My well

 Some days its hard giving everything I have to keep everyone happy, fed, and clothed.
I get overwhelmed at times with the vastness of the responsibility before me.
Breathing God's word into their life. Giving them water when my well feels
dry as a bone.

The water comes but some days just in trickles. Just enough.
God never promised me more than that. Just enough for the day, for the moment
 Is all He promised. I take a breath and look into my well and I can see
the  bottom. Oh Lord, I'm not supposed to see the bottom. It's muddy
and cloudy. It is bitter and luke-warm.
I dig deeper. 
I mess up. I grab my bucket and dip more water from my very small
well and pray that it's enough for them today. It never is.
Husband, and 8 children all needing what the Lord has given to me
as a wife and mother to hand out. My love and understanding, teaching them
to love one another, teaching them to understand grace and mercy.

My bucket runs dry. It comes up out of my well
bone dry, no water. On this day I have nothing. I can't give to them
because I have nothing to give.

My bucket is always being tipped and the water spilling out onto them and spilling
out onto the dry parched earth that soaks it up. How much did they get?
 I'm always going to Him saying, "Lord, I have nothing else to give.
I feel empty, used up. I need my well to be deeper."
He gives.
Oh, He gives anew every single day. Some days He gives in abundance
and other days He gives me just enough to get through. At the end of the day
I'm saying, "well, it wasn't pretty but we made it through." Other days
we are standing soaking wet with God's faucet turned all the way on
and we're dancing in His water.

I realize that it's not important how deep my well is.
I have a heavenly Father who's well is overflowing with
clean, pure, abundant water and He tells me to come
and drink it. He tells me to give it to others who are thirsty.

Lord, help me not look into my own well today and see a sloppy
muddy mess or look in and see the dust.
Let me always go and kneel at your well and plead for your water.
The water that is overflowing.
Your perfect water..that covers me when I have nothing. 

revisting the past
from 2011


Intentional Living Homestead said...

What a beautiful post...and I can echo (as I'm sure most moms can)...this post.

There is nothing more to say, cause you said it so beautifully. Thank you for the gentle reminder...that God is everything...and He is the one who fills our buckets everyday.

This post will be something I ponder throughout my day.


Heart4Adoption said...

Very thoughtful post that resonates deeply:)

Renata said...

What a lovely post & so very true - I know I rely on the Lord daily.
Have a wonderful weekend

Laurel said...


Oh how my well has seemed so very dry lately, but the Lord has continued to give me just enough for each and every day.


Mhara said...

Lovely post! And who does the girl's hair? It looks beautiful every time!


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