Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dwelling Place

Dwelling place may be translated to "refuge" or "abiding-place" and provides the
thought that God is our abode, our home. There is a fullness and sweetness
in the metaphor, for our home is dear to our hearts, although it may be the humblest cottage
or the tiniest loft; and dearer still is our blessed God, in whom we live and move and have our

It is home that we feel safe: We shut the world out and dwell in quiet security. So
when we are with our God we fear no evil. He is our shelter and retreat, our abiding refuge.
At home we take our rest; it is there we find repose
after the fatigue and toil of the day. And so our hearts find rest
in God when, wearied with life's conflict, we turn to him and our souls
dwell secure.

At home we also relax; we are not afraid of being misunderstood, nor of our words
being misconstrued.

Home, too, is the the place of our truest and purest
happiness: And it is in God that our hearts find their deepest delight.
We have joy in Him that far outweighs all other joy. 
including a hot bubble bath

 and a moms skirt to cling to.

It is also home that we work and labor. The thought of it gives us strength to bear the daily
burden, and quickens the hands to perform the task; and in this
sense we may also say that God is our home.

Home is a shade to our eyes

Home is where an earthly father teaches and guides
and reads the words of His heavenly Father. 

Home ...The beautiful dwelling place of our Lord.



Mrs. Stam said...

beautiful, love it! Got me thinking, in a good way...

Much love

Unknown said...

Love the photos.


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