Monday, March 9, 2009

a perfect 95 degrees will do or I shall die.

We received a phone call before the sun was even up that our " baby chicks are at the post office."
The house went in to over drive. We were not expecting our box of babies until tomorrow.
Scott walked out of the post office with some of the loudest, cutest little baby chicks we had ever seen.....(channie and I thought so any way.)
We brought them home to a household of great delight. A cheerfulness came through the house as everyone came and took their turn looking at our newest family members.

As we got them settled into their new closet in our homeschooling room I could tell these little things were high maintenance.
On the instructions their temp. had to be at a constant 95 degrees and if it wasn't they would surely die.
If they were huddled together that meant they were too cold and only if the temp. was perfect would they eat, drink and live.

We have checked on these little creatures about 30 times so far today. Adjusting the heat lamp,
changing their paper, and just making sure they were perfectly happy.
One time we heard them being very loud and went in to find the light had gone out.
It couldn't have been out for more than a minute or so, but they were very unhappy.

As I look down at these very small birds I'm thinking how much our house hold resembles them.
If things are not perfect and our living conditions are not met we begin to grumble and complain.
We don't want the least bit of change in our little world unless, of course, it's the good kind.
And God forbid the lights ever go out!

Some (me at times) raise our children to live in a 95 degree box. We provide a perfect living environment for them and all they have to do is eat, drink and get big.

Then..... they get married or get a job and they are devastated to find out that the rest of the world didn't get the memo of how to keep them happy...

I see this attitude within myself and I also see it in my children at times.
I wonder if the Lord looks down in my box of life and says "Your so high maintenance.
Your only happy if things are perfect. You can only smile if things are good."

Just as hard ships make us stronger or tough times makes us grateful we should
"count it all joy."

We are not fragile little chicks.
We have a heavenly Father who rules the world and has won the battle.


MamaHen said...

What sweet little chicks. We will be getting ours at the end of March we hope.

Your post was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

How precious! I love the illustrations you use in your post. It always makes me smile!
Love you,
Michael :)

Anonymous said...

What a GREAT analogy!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful analogy! And it is so true. I can't wait to see them! (I'm glad you are going through this BEFORE me! :-)

rixja said...

ooooh, great post and very convicting for me!
Enjoy all your little chicks!


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