Monday, March 2, 2009

A little work and alittle play.........

Getting ready for a busy Spring..
Scott and the boys put me up an incredible clothes line...
Our garden dirt arrived where we will hopefully have a big harvest.....(hopefully) is the word..
Our baby chicks have been ordered and will arrive soon.
Channie will turn 3 in March.
Jo will turn 3 in April.
Scott and I will be married 17 years in April.
Taylor will turn 16 in April
Tucker will turn 14 in April
Baby Willy T will be next in line........
This season of my life the Lord has been teaching me alot.
Pregnancy is never easy for me but as I travel this road carrying little Willly,
I struggle with the demands of just everyday living.. The Lord and my husband
remind me to take it slow...
Blogging has been low on my priority but hopefully I can do better....As you can see
these little people in my life seem to need me alot lately.
As everyone gets older I realize parenting gets a little harder..
They need most of my time......


MamaHen said...

Wow, what a busy spring you have with all the birthdays and anniversaries! I want a clothesline!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Busy spring...lots to be thankful for. Haven't talked much lately, but I think about yall often.
Much Love,
Michael :)


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