Saturday, September 20, 2008

Days of our life

You know I'm all about the moments of 'my life.' Well today on the way to some friends house we saw different people in the moments of 'their' life.

Do we really know what people go through in their day to day? Do we really take time to care?
Who are the people fixing the grave on the side of the road? What is their story? If I saw them in wal-mart would I know that they lost a loved one? Would I be quick to judge their teary eyes?
Would I grant them grace if they were rude?Would I be to busy to hear their story?

What about the guy who works in a junk steel yard? Yes, he was covered in black. His face hidden behind a soot from his job. What is his story?
Who does he go home to? Why was his face so very down-cast. What is he thinking when he drives into his job every morning.

So many people out there. So many stories. So many broken spirits.

Today, I will try and watch for the 'moments of others.'

Lord help me live less for myself and help others live more.
Help me be a blessing that someone needs.
Help me to stand in the gap for others.


Cecilia said...

I just came across your blog by accident but happen to also homeschool and have an adopted son from across the ocean. I enjoyed your reading some of your posts and appreciate your perspective and writing style. Blessings to you and your family.

rcsnickers said...

So true Robin! I pass his memorial on the way to my Mom's house! I often wonder who he was and his family! Sorry we missed seeing you at the library! Any update on the adoption?


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