Saturday, January 26, 2008

News from the "front-lines"

Ok since Robin is down and out I am going to give a few updates till she's back on her feet. For those that haven't heard yet...we are expecting!! This miracle from God had to have happened at a time when I am not sure that Robin and I even saw each least not for THAT long. The beautiful woman that I am pleased to call my wife is FERTILE....The baby is due sometime late August. Whenever Robin is pregnant, she also becomes very, very sick. With our first two children, she was hospitalized because of dehydration from throwing up, we found out when our third child came along at the end of 2001 that a little miracle drug called Zofran had been okayed for expectant mothers to use. That little miracle pill can stop violent nausea dead in its tracks. The zofran keeps her out of any danger of being hospitalized but doesn't entirely cure the nausea. The first trimester still keeps her holed up, with barely enough steam left to manage taking care of 6 children. That is why there have been fewer and fewer updates these last few weeks. As to taking care of the 6 kids... we are so thankful for Taylor and Tucker and Cooper, they have always been hard and enthusiastic workers, but they have really stepped up and they are helping Robin so much during the days when I am away at work. Our Liberian boy Jokey-Joe, as we all call him now, is doing great. We started letting him sleep in the room with the boys a few days ago, and since that time (not sure if it was that or just timing) he has gone wild. He used to just kind of stay in the area if you put him down. We would put him in the room to play with another child, and a little while later the other child would have moved out of the room for one reason or another but Joseph would still be in the room, now tho he is scooting around, sort of crawl/scooting on his bottom and he has no boundaries. His confidence in where he is has increased to where he feels safe anywhere. He loves to eat too. I have been eating heavy protein and few carbs and one of the quickest and tastiest meals I cook is to grill one of those kielbasa sausages and eat that with some extra sharp cheddar cheese, I HAVE to share this with Jokey-Joe, he scoots up to me and gets up in my lap and demands he gets his turn with the eating of the sausage and cheese. But it's funny what he doesn't like, we brought home fresh Krispy Kreme doughnuts, we have to stand guard over them with all of the other kids but Jokey took one taste and spit it out and would not try them again. Another funny story that is a testament to his confidence,
Rob had put him and Channie to bed, together because his normal bed partner Cullen was sick with a fever, well Robin kept hearing something but really thought nothing of it, so for maybe twenty minutes she just ignored it, till she decided to get up and investigate, Jokey had crawled off the bed and out into the hallway, where it was dark, he could see the room that Robin was in but he was just sitting there playing with some cars...when she gave him a little "talking to" she said he had the biggest grin on his face, because he knew that he had really done something big.

I'm sure Robin will be back on line soon to give you the updates. But I'll try and keep them going till then...Scott


Anonymous said...

YHAA!!! An update!

Scott said," The beautiful woman that I am pleased to call my wife is FERTILE.."

THAT'S an understatement! Praise the Lord, He is good all the time!

Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

ooops! Sorry about that above comment, I didn't realize EMMA was still signed in.


Anonymous said...

big time, WOW! and congratulations!! God sure does like to suprise us!!!

Tell Robin hey, and I'll be remembering her in prayer. Thank God for older kids...we wouldn't be making it without ours! (and homeschooling!!)

oh, our kids hate Krispy Kremes too! We'll have to teach them that you have to love 'em to be a good southerner! Love, Denise

rcsnickers said...

Congratulations and yes, God is good! What a great surprise!!!

I love reading about Joe and how quickly he has formed with your family. Just amazing. My brother and wife are adopting a boy from Ethiopia and your miracle gives me a glimpse of what they will be experiencing themselves. What joy you have given to your new son!

missy said...

Fantastic news guys. I'll be praying for a quick end to the nausea and some supernatural energy for all of you.

Anonymous said...

hi tucker

Amber G. said...

Holy Smokes! What GREAT news!!

Wow... conratulations! What a blessing for your family.

(Tell Robin that she's off the hook for not posting! :) I've missed "talking" to her every so often by e-mail... but I do understand the pregnancy sickness... please let her know that I am praying that she feels amazingly well this pregnancy.)

I'm so glad the older kids are such a big help. And I am glad Joe is still doing so well.

Blessings to you ALL!!


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