Wednesday, November 4, 2015

another harvest

Another harvest season coming and I'm always in awe at how fast the seasons come and go. It seemed the summer passed way to quickly. They're growing taller and I'm as busy as I've ever been training and loving on these still at home.

    I'm so thankful Y'all at how great the Lord is and how much love He shows me through my family. It's not perfect we're not perfect but just being able to be their mama and his wife is such a gift.

We've been busy preparing our home for something very exciting..can't wait to share this news with all of you!
What happens when you say yes to the Lord?
He shows out in a big way:) stay tuned.. 

Love From The Farm,



Renata said...

Dear Robin
It was lovely to see your update come into my email. I am sorry that I am so terrible at commenting these days, but please know I love seeing your posts come through!
I have been reading some of your past posts & want to thank you so much for your encouraging words & for sharing your story. We are just preparing for our first permanent foster placement and I am eagerly gleaning wisdom from mothers who have adopted/fostered already!
Your family is growing fast & they all look so happy! You're doing a wonderful job!!!
I am looking forward to hearing what your news is :)
Have a lovely day & God bless

jill funkhouser said...

A new little one...

Linda said...

Such a beautiful bunch, these kids! Thanks for sharing with us.
We miss y'all,


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