Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Suck it up!

We don't always want to do the hard things of this life.
Some days are just plain hard. Living around and loving on children
is my job right now but there have been moments when I've needed a pep talk to keep
moving forward.To keep doing what it is the Lord has called our family to.

Adoption and Foster care are not for the faint of heart.
Over 160 people showed up for our encouragement feast and it
was truly a night filled with encouragement and our faint hearts were
woken back up and brought back to life. 

Friends came who have walked the road with us for many years.
And if you're on this journey you need friends who will encourage you
and have arms big enough to help you when your bags get too heavy.

 From all over Alabama they came. Most of them with their children from Africa, China, U.S, Taiwan, Ukraine and the foster system.
They came to be loved on and encouraged that anything worth having is going to cost
you something. The days are long and we must not grow weary of doing good but we must count the cost of stopping. The children's voices that have no home, no parents, no one to hold them should be ringing in our ears. 
Their cries not drowned out by our living.

 We cried together as we heard the reality of family and friends who don't understand what we're doing. We walk alone sometimes but regardless we must walk.

 We marveled in sisters and brothers who choose to love.
Who's hair blows in different directions and their eyes look
nothing a like.... loving as Christ loves. 

It's a beautiful gift.

Foster parents who talked about the reality of foster care
and the cost of loving when you don't know how long you'll get to love.
The heartache of letting go when those little ones leave your
safe home. The triggers that remind you of the children that once
shared your walls are every where.

 We heard from some who said, " I thought I was a good mom until we
got our first foster children. Now I stand before you and tell you... I'm not a good mom.
I struggle with parenting"  and all of us were moved by the sweet words that so
many of us could relate to. So honest, so sincere that her words of, "I thought they
would be just like us" moved me to tears.  

Every where babies being held close by everyone else.
We know how important it is that every child knows that he or she is a blessing. God whispers
their name and they are not a burden. Our friends on this journey go out of their way to make all of my children feel loved.

 My wonderful oldest son Tucker videoing everything and catching all these moments for all of y'all who didn't get to come. Hopefully we will have it up soon, free to anyone who needs the encouragement to "suck it up and keep walking".  His love for children and his leadership amazes me. This guy is all about family and his future and I love that he loves so deeply. He will be leaving the farm on Saturday to go film a pastors conference in Nicaragua. So please pray for him as he travels.

My oldest daughter Taylor speaking on how adoption and the chaos of it all has changed her life. She is passionate and she said, " I'll never be able to live in a huge house and only have 2 kids when there are children crying from hunger or who just need a mom and dad".
What a work the Lord has done in her life. Giving up her bedroom and her space to share it with 4 little girls who think she hung the moon. 

Our time in this world is slowly ticking away. I will give everything I have to make a difference
for Christ. I will be His hands and feet. Lord Willing, I will not die someday and have a whole lot of stuff. In fact at the rate I'm going I won't have anything of much value, except the love
of some pretty neat people.  

Thank you all who came. Bless all of you who walk this road.

Blessings from the Farm,



maureen said...

Oh everything and everyone looked wonderful! I can feel the love through your beautiful photographs and I hope to make it to your next Encouragement Dinner. We are still waiting for our call on our twin boys. Praying that the birth mom will have an easy labor. All in God's time.

Laurel said...

You are truly blessed to have friends to walk the journey with. For some of us adoptive parents . . . it is a very, very lonely road.

mama of 12

Oldqueen44 said...

Encouraging words from the thoughts of your daughter.
So many bizarre behaviors could have caused her to say. "that's not for me"

Wine Products said...

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