Thursday, August 30, 2012

The forgotten kiss

 He came in from work last night
and I was so busy I barely noticed. He kissed me and I don't think
I even felt his lips. Why do I get so wrapped up in what I'm doing
that I don't stop and make much of him when he comes in?

I woke up this morning and the clouds were low in the sky and so many things
and voices going on that we didn't even stop to pray. So busy,
too busy for each other and yet we both know that we will have
to stop and deal with it sooner or later.
Busyness comes with a price tag....
  and that price tag I've learned is huge.

I tried calling him to tell him I love him and that I was sorry for
not putting him first, but the other end was silent. The silly voice mail telling me that
my husband couldn't be reached at this time. I pushed the off button and
walked outside. I wonder how many times he can't reach me because of the kids
and house, school..
  Why do I do the things I know I shouldn't?

I have been distracted as of lately with many good things but in the busyness of the good
things I feel like I have pushed back the easy things that understand why I'm so busy.


I try calling again but still no answer.

I will keep calling until I get him.

and when I get him on the other end I will tell him how sorry I am.
I will ask his forgiveness for not noticing,
for not putting him first in my life,
for not remembering his kiss.


carolinatractorgirl said...

Gotta love those chubby legs wearing a pair of boots!!:)

Oldqueen44 said...

love the chubby knees

Did the same thing with my husband last night.
I wonder how it hurts his heart but keeps silent about it. So selfisf of me.


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