Monday, August 20, 2012

Be prepared!

Hey Everyone!!

We are so excited about being able to sharing a meal with all of you Saturday evening. We are also excited about sharing our hearts and love for the orphans of the world. We have opened our doors and it is not an easy task all of the time but it is a work that our family is passionate about and feel called to. We could not do all that we do without the help and support of others. We need eachother on this road and being around others who are on the same or similar road is such a huge blessing.

This Saturday night you will meet some of our dearest friends who walk the foster care road, the international adoption road, and special needs adoption roads as well...and you will be blessed. These are some of the most incredible people doing incredible work for the Lord. You will hear their stories and meet their children. You will get to ask questions about adoption, bonding, how to, and what to expect from family and friends. The possibilites are endless, you just need to come and fellowship. 

Things not to forget:

1. Your Food: We will have a huge feast (hopefully!) of mexican foods. Please bring a mexican dish, a dessert and a drink. We will serve this buffet style, so if you bring enough for your family, we should be good.

2. Your Questions: Are you new to adoption? Are you waiting on a foster baby? Are your fingerprints hung up in the system? Are you having a hard time with your foster kids? How to prepare your bio kids...You will have families willing and able to answer these questions for you.

3. We have moved the location due to impending weather and larger facilities. We will have plenty of bathrooms, a playground for the kids and a nice kitchen for the food. 

4. Your love for children....there will be children from all over the world, come and enjoy the Lord's handiwork.

Side note- This is also a very unique opportunity to meet other families. The families that are coming have unmarried young adults as well as children. I encourage you to get to know these great families. :) 

Here are directions to the fellowship hall. Also, the address is 575 Branchcove, Branchville, Al 35120 for your GPS.

Kids get loved on!

Great food!

New friends!

What could be better?

Hope to see you there!


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carolinatractorgirl said...

Those twins are absolutely ADORABLE!! Looks like ya'll will have fun!!

maureen said...

Thinking of you all and wishing you a great fellowship! I so wish we could have been there, but we must sit tight and be ready to roll across the country as soon as our twins are born!!

Blessings on a fabulous evening!


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