Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Life

I started on a health kick about two years ago and that involved a lot of new things for me and my family. I started juicing and eating lots of fruit and lots of salad. My family, who were not so much into the idea, took a little while to convince but they're slowly coming around to my way of eating... slowly but surely. This season I wanted to try some new things since I have so much time on my, yeah. ;) so I bought heirloom seeds from Solutions From Science. We have never started seeds before but I have a small little green house that my father in law had before he died. It's not much but he was a gardener and I pray his green thumb is still in the soil around here. I have gardens but he had GARDENS. They were big and beautiful and I can see him now up on his old green John Deere tilling the earth and when you passed him he would throw his hand up at ya without even looking. I miss that man. I wished I could call him right now..

So back to my little baby seeds. I wet  paper towels and let the kids put three or four seeds in each paper towel then folded it four ways and put it in a baggie and, presto! You, my friend, have your own little green house.  It's cheap and a very fun science project.

Make sure to mark your seeds and the date least you forget what you're growing. With everything going on around here I have to do this. I might need to mark it twice.

This was a great project for the kids. I was very careful with my heirloom seeds though because they are kinda pricey.  I had a pack of sunflower seeds left over from last year and let the kids plant those.
I only seeded my cold weather seeds and only a few to see if this method worked since I had never done this before. My goal is to have year around fresh salad and bell peppers..

Our kitchen window gets a lot of sun so I taped them to the windows ( I will say this freaked everyone out...not sure why, they all said it reminded them of a scary movie).. I ended up moving them to my bedroom windows and after about 8 days of waiting we opened our little green houses and here is what we found..

Not only did this method work but almost all of my seeds were ready to put in dirt. I had prepared my dirt by this point so the soil would be warm and I was just waiting on my little babies to pop out of their home.

The sunflowers didn't disappoint the kids, they were long and healthy looking. We slowly tore each bag and unwrapped each plant and then planted them in dirt and a little thing I like to call rabbit poopoo(rabbit pellets).. Rabbits are a great addition to your farm for a more natural fertilizer. You put it right in your dirt and you're ready to plant and plant we did.

I love seeing the life these little plants hold. A little water, dirt and sunshine..I also will tell you a little secret I talk to my little beauties and encouraged the kids to talk to them as well.. it just makes them happy. I love walking by and hearing Channie say, "Whatcha doing girls??" That just makes me happy. So there you have it a cheap green house and a neat science project....I'll keep you up-dated..

Blessings from the Farm,


Mrs. Stam said...

I love starting garden, seeing the little green shoots growing and growings is amazing! Even better when you get the chance to eat what you have grown, taste so much better :-)

Anonymous said...

Hope your healthy kick last. You are inspiring in your joy to serve others. Your music is so calming. May I ask who wrote the quote about "normal day"? It is a sweet truth.

Lukas Gilmore said...

Hi thanks forr posting this


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