Monday, October 10, 2011

Dangling Feet...

The weekend was full of friends and laughter as we filled our home. We cooked and sat around our big table while people danced and sang. We prayed and gave thanks for the many blessings that God has given to us.
Why do so many close their doors and stow away and never open up their home? I have amazing friends who have helped me learn the art of hospitality and I'm so grateful for their teaching because my home is open and full most of the time now and along with that comes a full and open heart. Loving on some amazing people and being loved on more by those same people. My children learning the art of hospitality and serving those that come through our home.

The girls all got cowgirl outfits and for two days I had to keep putting on these hot pink costumes. You know I don't mind though. I can't help but to look in the future and know that I will cherish this picture. They are talking now and I went to tuck them in the other night and Ellie goes "mama lay down." I laid next to her small little body and sang her a song, when I got up she cried and I had to leave. I stood for a minute outside her door and then I went right back in and laid beside her until she drifted off. She has never asked before and I'm not promised tomorrow so I cuddled and snuggled and prayed for her. I tiptoed out and slowly shut the door. I will never forget her smell and the way her little voice sang "Jesus loves Me" in the darkness of her little purple room.


Their little feet dangle as we're practicing a song we're learning and I had a moment when I reached for my camera and I thought "they wont dangle for long". Her long legs already closer to the ground then the week before. She is growing like a weed along with the rest of them and I'm here, I would be no where else. I wouldn't trade all the noise and piles of clothes, crying, hugs, kisses and band-aid moments for anything else in the world. I am a mom who loves her job. I know I'm working myself out of a job and I love that also.
I encourage you to slow down and see their feet dangle. Take a picture if you have to. In this moment of time God allows you to be their mama and if you fail to see the beauty of the every day then you fail. God gives us children as gifts to be unwrapped slowly and cherished.

I can't do an update without toothless grins and boys in hats. The reminder of fall and football.
I took a walk out across the pasture tonight and lay on the earth and looked up and saw the vastness of the sky and was amazed by my God. I look into the eyes of my children and am amazed at how He loves me.

Again I say
Thank you God!   


Heart4Adoption said...

So precious!!! I love how you always keep the main thing the main thing:)

Renata said...

Your family is beautiful! Thank you for your words to remind me to treasure each moment!
Blessings :)


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