Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life is a beautiful thing around here....


Tanya said...

Beautiful pictures. I especially love the last one with all the children napping together.

Mrs. Stam said...

those are PRECIOUS pictures love them all!

thank you so much for sharing!Puts a smile on my face today :-)

Intentional Living Homestead said...

What beautiful the corn on the cob and greasy fingers...made me smile.


Kim said...

Hi Robin,

I just gave Hayden a little call and put a bug in his ear about your precious and AMAZING family and that beautiful daughter of yours. :-). Surly there is something we can do to get these two together....hehehe. Texas / Alabama is not really that for, I mean my daughter Britney and her husband Michael had a much further, long distance relationship....Texas / Canada. Here is Britney's blog if you haven't met my girl go check her out....she is so precious! Does Taylor have FB?

I follow your blog as well, as much as I can anyway. I love your blog and your writing is absolutely beautiful but more than that I love your heart!!!


Danielle said...

Your family is really wonderful:)

I have enjoyed the beautiful photograpy and poetic lines of your blog. Thank you for sharing.

(I just didn't want to be one of those people that "stalk" your blog and never comment:)


Jamie said...

I LOVE the corn on the cob picture.


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