Saturday, May 17, 2008

Home Sweet Home.....What a gift home is.

We pulled into our driveway at about 6.00 this evening and the aroma of the honey suckles stopped me in my tracks. I put my head out the window and took the deepest breath I could take in and just smelled the sweetness of the fragrance of the flowers and the fragrance of Home. We had the BEST vacation of our life and yet there's no place like home Dorothy.
Our children all crowded in our back door and smiled and laughed and ran through these halls like they were back at Disney and it didn't cost us a thing.. They seemed to look at their home different as looking at it for the first time. For some of our children this is the first real vacation we have been on so coming home was a new experience and for others like Joseph he was coming home twice.
I love the fragrance that our home has and the comfort and the way it connects us so instantly.
Our vacation was filled with a hundred thousand memories of time with the most important people in our life....From Scott baking cookies with the kids to swimming and pretending to be 15 again with Tay it was a vacation we will not soon forget.
Our friends Greg and Brandi showed us some good ole Southern hospitality and shared their precious children with us..They also adopted from Liberia so we all feel it is so important for their son Davis and Jokey to grow knowing they have a bud from the same orphanage and the same country.....Davis is the happiest little boy I have ever seen. He has one of the BEST smiles ever. Brandi has so many ministries her whole heart is all about helping others and discipling those around her and I'm so very blessed to call her a friend.......Greg is an incredible man..His devotion to Brandi and the kids is such a role model for the men that he is around..What truly shined more than anything in this couple is they give all..They are sold out for the Lord and it is contagious....
We are getting un packed and calling the best neighbors in the world to say thanks for watering our few flowers and keeping an eye on things and just thanking the Lord for the many many blessings of safe travel and...... Home..........


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are home! We missed you guys!

Love in Christ,

Brandi said...

We had so much fun and miss you already!!

I need to get copies of pictures too! I love you all and can't wait to see you again in November!

Love you and thankful to call you my friend (a REAL one now!)


jcw said...

You got some great pics, Rob. I'm glad you guys got to have such a great vacation!

Unknown said...

What great pictures, it was so nice meeting you. come bck sson, or else we will havet to come up am smeel those flowers!


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