Wednesday, April 16, 2008

There's a Storm a brewing....

1. Allow thyself to complain of nothing, not even of the weather.

For today I set a challenge before myself and the kids that we would not complain about ANYTHING....

There seems to be a bug going around my home.

No it's not a virus per-se, at least not the kind I can treat with tylenol. This I believe can only be treated with Gods help..
My kids seem rather grumpy and complaining alot about chores and brothers and sisters etc...
I went through a drive thru the other day and one of my precious grateful children said "do we have to eat here, can't we eat at Wendy's?"
It hit me like a brick..The ungratefulness of that statement/attitude ... being taken out to eat, when 10 mins earlier this same child was about to "pass out" from starvation.
What is that?
When I started examining my house-hold I realized that the thread of complaining had settled deep into my older children.
It had settled into the heart of my younger children as well. ( Their complaints come in the form of crying and whining.)

Most of our complaining is directed toward others, what someone did, or said or didn't say...
Complaining about what others choose to do or don't do.

Our peace and harmony is not found "in Others." It should be found in Christ.
We will always have something to complain about but I'm tired of complaining.
I want to live a quiet life.
I want to find joy in the small things.
I don't want to always look at others and either they are making me happy or mad or sad.
People are always going to let us down.

Why is it we feel justified in complaining about others yet feel rejected when others don't agree with us.

I believe it always comes back to self...I know in my case it does. I didn't get MY way or it wasn't done MY way etc.........
One of Scott's favorite verses he always lends to me when I'm complaining is " Love covers a multitude of sins."
If we are busy loving someone it's hard to complain...because you do choose to not see their faults...(most of the time).......

I wonder what Christ thinks when our kids complain about what they have to eat when there are kids in Africa who don't have food.

I wonder what Christ thinks when we complain about not having enough money to do something when there are people living on the streets everywhere across the United States>

I wonder what Christ thinks about us complaining about having to do chores when there are kids that have become prostitutes to earn enough money to eat?

Why is it so easy to lose our perspective in this life?
Why do we get wrapped up in our self so easily?
Why do we feel like our way is the BEST way?

hmmmmmmmm PRIDE maybe?

Well doesn't God HATE pride?....
My house-hold needs some refinement in this area.
My way is not the best way,

God's way is.

My world has been a little cloudy lately but I'm supposed to be grateful in All things not just when all things go my way. I don't do this very well...

With the Lord's help:
I will choose not to complain today not even about the weather.


Anonymous said...
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rcsnickers said...

Robin, I am sorry for the pain you have had lately, but thankful for your joy in your new son Joseph.

You have a beautiful family and wonderful children. They display a servants heart the few times we have seen you. In fact, quite often my children comment on all the kids at the cabin.


Brandi said...

oh yes. . the weather thing was something we were challenged to when reading "Trusting God" b/c complaining about ANYTHING is saying that God did not make the right choice allowing or causing something to happen in our lives. . and, if we fully trusted HIM, we would not complain about ANYTHING! ooh, that's a hard one, but a good one!

Love you,

Jeanette said...

I can TOTALLY relate to the drive thru!!!! I have the same bug in my house. It is very hard to take care of, but with God's guidance we are going to squash it!!! ;)


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