Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Majestic Brush

We were walking down that hill and I happened to turn around and see that this was following me.

The blazing sun dipping deep into this part of the county and catching my breath as my kids' little frames can barely be seen by the overwhelming beauty of God's water-colors.

His paint brush so thick in color and wonder.

You think you've seen it all and then this.

They didn't even notice, not because they didn't think it to be beautiful, but it's just a weekly thing out here on this farm. The beauty rushes in almost before you have time to run and grab your camera.
I had to run

By the time I got to them they were still busy digging rocks and the Lord gently trying to get them
to turn around.
They kept working. I can't stop catching my breath.
snap, snap
Each frame so different
Every time the sun fading lower and lower
beneath the trees that surround us here.

They stand guard here and the wind that blows through them and the light that shines around them
is constantly reminding me that they are doing the work of the Father.

The sweetness of winter in some ways more beautiful
with coats and hats. Ears covered and braving the outdoors because you
just can't stand not to. The cold hands and tiny treasures alway make me stop.

She yelled "it's a heart rock" and her echoing voice was heard by all the trees and the blazing light.
She ran down the hill in yellow rainboots carrying a rock that resembled a heart
and the view was all the better and forever etched in mind, these two playing under his majestic brush. .  

Love from 
The Farm,
February, 2015

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Karen Sue said...

You did a wonderful job of catching the beauty of the sky. I think sometimes that God intends for us to just stop right then to appreciate a sunrise or sunset because often I'm not fast enough to catch them with a camera or if I try, it's not even close to what I see with my eyes. You did a wonderful job. Thanks for sharing.


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