Friday, December 10, 2010

Living with full hands

The smell of fresh dough almost always on the counter. Little noses can't resist the smell and their little tummies can't wait till the biscuits are done.
My hands busy preparing meals and teaching little ones to cook.

The mess is always worth the out come.

Staying up late to watch the nutcracker, getting ice cream and hot chocolate, and riding around looking at Christmas lights, remembering to slow down and see this season through the eyes of my children. My arms full of little boys and girls who love to snuggle.

Yeah, life gets messy sometimes but it's well worth the work.

Everyday being his wife and being their mommy is work but I signed up for it and I plan on finishing well.
Its not how you start that's so important it's how you finish that counts. I'm not working myself out of a job. I plan on working until I die. My hands being useful. My hands always eager to help others.

Being useful to those who need me. Complacency kills the creativity that God intended for us to have. When I'm busy it keeps me out of trouble.:)

One of the most said comments to me when I'm out is, "you have your hands full". yes, I do and
unfortunately women have decided  that having your hands full is a bad thing.
Everyone is working towards an easier life and that easy life draws you away from the very heart of God.
The service of loving and being dependable. Caring for others and doing for others is being lost in our world for that easier life. 
It's always about our comfort and what we can handle. What do we know about handling things? We have food and clean water and a home. We have cars and doctors. We are the rich and the poor live better then us because it draws them to the Lord. The African people are some of the happiest people I have ever been around. They rejoice because of their Lord not because their life is easy.
Our richness and our working toward an easier life draws us only towards ourselves....Ironic..
So I will continue to live with hands full..As full as the Lord will allow and keep myself dependent on the only one who can see me through another day.


Mrs. Stam said...

Amen, what a beautiful post! I love having my hands full too, my heart is being fully by all the blessing added to our family :-)

smallseven said...

I couldn't agree more, Robin!

Amy said...

I love your blog, you have such a way with words!
Could you tell me what the first couple pieces of music on your play list are? Or what CD they are from? I love the simple piano melodies, if I wasn't already married I would walk down the isle to the second one that played today.

Rachel said...

Thank you for the reality check and for sharing such heart felt words.

Renata said...

Hi Robin
Thank you for sharing such wisdom!
God bless you

bbmommy2 said...

Hello sweet friend! I miss you. Life has my hands full these days as well. I wouldn't change a thing.
Those sweet treats are looking yummy.
You always encourage my heart. My love to you. ~Brandi

Rachel Marie said...

beautiful post! i have been such a pathetic crab today instead of being thankful for the work that my hands have!!

Mikki said...

WOW!! This is truly an inspirational post! Thanks for sharing your heart! I saw you following my blog funer5.blogspot and wanted to check in and read about you. Wonderful family!



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