Thursday, December 23, 2010

He's black she's white

He's black

She's White

He's her brother

She's his sister

he'll do anything she needs

she on the other hand

is a different story.

She has 4 brothers that protect her

and she's used to being protected.

She loves him in a way that

is beautiful and pure.

Their love is one of the reasons I

love being a mother so much.

Thank you God for the gift you have given me in sharing in their love.
Unspoiled, true love...

untouched by the world and
only seen through the eyes of children.
My children
God's Children
He made them both a beautiful color
of black and white and He lets me
be their mamma.
What a gift.


cooperkelly4 said...

what gorgeous children! I love that first photo of them together. So tender that your kids "see" the way God does: in color! Be blessed.

Nabila Grace said...

Beautiful pictures! ;o)

Mrs. Stam said...

Love love love this post!

Simply Bonkers! said...

Awesome family...great photos!

Helen said...

This is a beautiful post. Your children are beautiful.
We are a black and white family as well :)

Heart of Wisdom Academy said...

Beautiful pictures and a beautiful blog. What a wonderful family you have!!!!!


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