Friday, February 6, 2009

Feeling a little crazy.

Our last two months have been filled with sickness. Anything from the stomach virus, to the head cold. Oh, the Fever virus was alot of fun! Our latest was Mono.
Taylor had tonsillitis which was accompanied by sinusitis and when we took her to the Dr. he tested her for mono,
they called three days later to let us know she indeed had it.
This was a month ago..
She has been very tired and run down feeling and this has set into motion alot of rest for her and alot of at home time for us.

As I ponder what I'm supposed to learn being at home so much I realize I'm learning alot about my short comings as a mom and wife. (This is probably not the best time to reflect on yourself.)
Close quarters really have a tendency to bring some problem areas to the surface, if you know what I mean.
Patience has been hard to come by and over all the morale has been low.
We have missed out on several fun things and it seems at times that we were going to be stuck in the house FOREVER...but feeling an overwhelming need to get my crew out and let them enjoy some time out of the house I loaded the big red bus and we went to a museum.
Somehow just the thought of going somewhere lifted our spirits and by the time we got there the place was deserted... We enjoyed an afternoon of running, jumping, exploring, and just good old fashioned fun.

Taylor is better and no one is sick for the time being, our baby Toby (aka Willy) is growing and kicking and I see a light at the end of this tunnel.


Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

I love their smiles!

Anonymous said...

From the Blog Vault: Mr. Phillips Stop Having Children!

Over the years we have received many tens of thousands of correspondences. The majority of them are precious letters of encouragement, testimonials, and honest questions, but we are not without our critics. Often, their letters are filled with spectacularly creative expressions of hatred and bigotry. Even these letters sometimes provide special opportunities, like this one taken by my dear bride Beall. Since we are focusing this week on the issue of demographic winter and the blessing of children, I thought it might be helpful to republish this response:

[Mr. Phillips] Your poor wife must be sick of popping out kids? Stop overpopulation! Use birthcontrol for (expletive deleted)! Pitiful. Stop adding “freaks” to our society. Abstain. God would want you to (sic).

Beall offered these thoughts in reply:

Dear _, God bless you. This is Doug’s “poor” wife here writing to assure you that “popping out” kids, though challenging, is among the most glorious gifts that the Lord bestows upon a redeemed woman. Prolific mothers are not “baby machines” (as both Margaret Sanger and some very confused professing Christians), but blessed vessels of life from which the Lord brings eternal souls into this earth and fulfills his own command that man “be fruitful and multiply.”

For a Christian, having babies is not about birthing pains, changing diapers or baking cookies (though it includes all of these). Having babies is about transforming the world forever. This investment will last, not for thirty years, not for my lifetime, but f-o-r-e-v-e-r. The investment is realized on earth and pays dividends for eternity. On earth, we pray that these children will advance the very kingdom of God. But in heaven, the souls of every redeemed child will stand with me throughout eternity before the Lord Jesus. The pressures of today (be they financial, physical, etc.) that taunt Christians to self-consciously distort God’s fruitful purpose for the womb, and to separate life from love, will seem infinitesimally small as we look back upon this whisper of a life with our children beside us in eternity.

My children can have more far-reaching implications for society and posterity than anything else I can do. Having babies and training children for Jesus Christ means my life work will last forever. I hurt for you and those sad, misguided souls who would think of prolific motherhood as reducing women to the status of “baby machine.” I refuse to accept the minimizing, selfish, materialistic, and limited vision of womanhood dispensed by the apostles of modernity and relevancy in this generation. My dream is far greater. I reject the options which the world offers. I want something bigger.

Though I have been blessed with seven children who are the delight of my soul, Doug and I fervently pray for more. While I am not sure what you mean by “freaks,” I can assure you it is my goal to populate the world with “fools for Christ” who view children as a blessing, the womb as sacred, and the calling of helpmeet and mother as holy before our Lord Jesus.

I understand that you and I disagree on these points, but I want to let you know that I am glad that your mother gave you life. I don’t know you, but I would never wish that you were not born, nor would I presume that the world would be a better place without you. In fact, I would be happy if perhaps someday we can meet unified in Christ and as friends. And yes, with more babies on our laps.

Sincerely Yours, Beall Phillips

Posted by Doug Phillips on February 6, 2009 | Permalink

What the Coming Demographic Winter Means For Japan Now

After more than fifteen hundred years, Japanese culture is on the verge of extinction. There are not enough children. And similar fates may be in store for France, Italy, and elsewhere. These nations and others are on the brink of a demographic implosion with far-reaching economic implications —and they know it! There are simply not enough babies being born to maintain their economies.

But something else is happening as well. The aging population for these nations is becoming increasingly top heavy. Now the younger generation—which was taught principles of selfishness and anti-family ethics by the older generation—is beginning to make the type of “practical” decisions which are necessary to survive. Sometimes it means just letting the elderly die.

This article describes the trend through the story of one man who died after being rejected for admission at 14 hospitals. Another woman in her 70s with a respiratory need was rejected by 49 hospitals. Why the rejections? There are just “too many elderly patients already clogging up” the hospitals.

dorothy said...

Crazy - yes..part of a merry club of slightly deranged moms to more than the average number of blessings. I sent it - I can't beleive I did it - it needs another scrubbing and the stickers peeled off. Tacky I am, but if I didn't send it Thursday I don't kow when it might have happened! Forgive me, laugh with me over the reality that social basics are gone - blessings Dorothy!


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