Saturday, November 24, 2007



Brandi said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! Oh, Rob! You are beautiful with him! His birth mama is beautiful with such a sweet smile. He is so handsome. I wish I lived there and could cuddle him! Please come visit me!!!!!

Love you! Can we talk more tomorrow? Please! Thank you so much for taking your precious sweet time to talk to me today. I cherish your sweet memories and can't wait to hear more!

Kiss JoJo and tell him Aunt Brandi loves him and is THRILLED that he is at home with his family! Oh Taylor I bet you are dying! You didn't call me sweet girl!

Katherine Vest said...

Give Joseph a BIG hug for me!

Welcome to Jen said...

He is SO beautiful Robin. I am so happy you are home with sweet little Jo!

Love ya,


rcsnickers said...

He is beautiful and glad you are bonding so quickly and smoothly! Praise God that you now have him! Glad to see pictures and hear of your time there. Amazing country.



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