Friday, June 10, 2011

Why so down cast?

He awoke with the sun still low on the east side of the house.
It was early, too early for him.
The sun shining her rays on his sleepy head. She was waking him
up slowly as he was waiting on his daily bread, revealing
his grumpiness at my table.

Grumpiness as he was being warmed by the very arms of God.
It didn't last long. God awoke in him his love for the day and
it wasn't long before he was up running and playing and singing
and laughing...
God had used His creation to bring the joy into Cullen's morning.
How often has He given me this same gift.
The sun in my kitchen.
The clothes on the line.
The kittens on my back porch.
The smile on my daughters face.
The water being used in my front yard
to cool my children.
The smell of supper cooking.
The feel of my loving husband's arms around me.
The hay being gathered in our pasture.
The sounds of that mean old rooster in the hen house.
The grumpiness is there some mornings,
but if I ever give over to all the gifts
that surround me, it flees and I'm left
standing in a puddle of God's love., swimming in it ...


Cindy said...

You have such a way with is like you say what so many of think..we just don't know how to express it!

That picture of your son will be one that will last in your head forever..lolMy youngest who is now 24..I still see him..moody..glaring when told to do chores...he still can give those looks...yet the looks of love..they out shine the other looks!! The boys are so different than the girls...they pull away the older they is hard to recapture that little boy..I do miss his hand in mine..maybe someday he will have a little one who will hold my hand.The girls have had all children like brings back such warm memories!!

Thanks for sharing..Hus Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Mrs. Stam said...

you are so right, we are surrendered with so many beautiful blessing :-)

Sarah Belle said...

A precious reminder. Been feelin that way this week, grumpy. No right to when Jesus has saved us and given us so much to enjoy. Thank you for this reminder. tammy

Robin said...

thank you....

Renata said...

So very true! I often wake up a little on the grouchy side, but once I begin the day (& have some food) life always looks much happier & I can count my blessings


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