Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Unwrapping day at a time.

I try and remember the day she was born and the memories come.
Scott so nervous that he was about to meet his baby daughter for
the first time and when their eyes met he cried.
Wrapped in a pink blanket, we couldn't keep our eyes still.
She was a gift to us and we knew she was.
Our lives changed...
Heaven met us that day and the glimpse was,
 and still is, a sense of awe.
Beautiful she has always been
but that has never defined who she truly is.
Who God has put into her to be.
A woman that loves the Lord and is always so thankful
for the day to day ways of life.
Clothes blowing in the wind and her skirt
as she hangs out those clothes for our family,
The food that she prepares and presents at our table
is amazing.
The way she loves her daddy and still calls him
The way she wraps her arms around me in the middle of
the day and tells me how thankful she is that I'm her mom.
Oh, I grab her and tell her that no she is the gift
and for 18 yeas I have had the privilege of slowly
unwrapping heaven right here in my home.
The way she loves her brothers and sisters
and if she loves you, you will know
Because she Loves big.
She had an amazing birthday... in her own
"This has been the best birthday of my life"
Dinner with dear friends
Birthday wishes from all her friends
and staying up late to enjoy the moon...
It was a memorable day indeed.

Happy 18th Birthday Tay
We Love you..  
April 19th, 2011


Mrs. Stam said...

Happy blessed birthday beautiful lady :-)

A Baker's Dozen Barnhouse News said...

What a blessing she is to your family and to all who know her. Happy Birthday from the Lee Family!

Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

Oh my. I have always thought she favored you but goodness, she looks just like in those pictures. What a blessing she is to your family. Praise God for faithful parents. Her hair is just beautiful, I must say. : )

Joy said...

I love the pictures! The words are
sooo true. You look beautiful, Tay!

Happy birthday, my dear friend! <B


Taralyn Rose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.


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