Thursday, February 17, 2011

Meekness: The bridle of God on the heart

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Teaching meekness when I'm not meek leads me to the cross alot this week.
Crying out for forgiveness and guidance to a Father who is meek.
I search the scripture for His footsteps of meekness and
I see his examples everywhere. Matthew 11 is just one of the examples.

Meekness is
an attractive disposition,
mildness in temper,
patience in long suffering,
easy to be entreated,
We're supposed to put on meekness Col 3v12

Meekness is
the opposite of
self-assertiveness, self-promoting, self-interest.

The world at large does not promote meekness.
The church at large does not say much about meekness, in fact
the churches around me seem the opposite of meek. Bigger buildings, more things, you
would think it was a competition "the one with the biggest church wins"..  
The world teaches be first in line. Have more,
pitch a fit if you don't get your way, and when you're
older just pitch bigger fits. 
 We have such opportunities in our world to change things we don't like, Buy things we don't need,
and do it all in the name of bettering ourselves. We have positioned ourselves
or fooled ourselves
that we don't need God. That we make our future, we decide
our fate, not God.

 I believe the first time I felt meek was
when we lost our baby. I had empty arms, empty dreams,
and an empty heart
and there was not one thing I could do to make it all better.
I walked around and just thanked God for everything I had
left because I realized that I controlled nothing.
I remember feeling very very small.
For a long time I felt like that but then the days turn to months
and the months to a year and the brokenness heals and I forget how
very small I am.

Being meek is not having to be first,
not having to be right,
not having to prove you're wrong.

It's living with God's bridle in your heart and knowing that
He is in control of all of your comings and goings. If we realize
 that nothing happens without Him knowing
then we would worry less and quit fighting His bridle.

Lord make me be Meek


bbmommy2 said...

"Lord make me be meek" too. Learning, to put on meekness everday.

~Lovely girls and cute white bunnies.

Sarah said...

aahhhh...realizing our smallness before God. What a gift. May meekness and humility be my only garment.

Thank you for sharing your heart.


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